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Jackson Services community tent


We at Jackson Services love the community that we serve, and we always strive to give back any way we can. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing individuals in our community come together to support each other in various events, such as the annual Chili Cook-off, Relay for Life, Dragon Boat Race, Special Day for Special People, and so much more! Jackson Services’ participation in these community events is something we look forward to every year. In addition to our involvement and support in particular events, we also have our special needs tent available upon request. These conditioned tents are not only an excellent commodity for hot summers and cold winters but also a convenient resource for everyone to utilize. Feel free to contact us to request one our conditioned tents at your next event.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to request one of our tents for your next community event!

More Than Just A Tent

Jackson Services Community Tent

Jackson Services is pleased to provide our Georgia and Alabama communities with our conditioned tents. Inspired by Dale Jackson’s son, Colin, tent services were provided to help accommodate individuals with special needs and their families. The tents have proven to be a huge success in the past three years. Event attendees have a safe place to escape the outside temperatures and weather, nurse babies, change diapers, and rest. It is very rewarding to see individuals in our community come together to support each other in various events. Jackson Services extends their tent services to anyone in the area hosting a community-wide event. We hope that the convenience and accessibility of each tent will continue to cater to all attendees. You can read the full story of our tent here! Keep up with us on Facebook to follow our tent around the community!